About Me

I began my foundation training in Craniosacral Therapy at The Karuna Institute in Devon in 1995, graduating and registering with the Craniosacral Therapy Association in 1996. Since then I have continued with ongoing professional development, undertaking a series of post-graduate CST seminars at the Institute, as well as a more process-oriented practitioner training with Mike Boxhall RCST, which focusses on a transpersonal way of working.

I discovered this my life’s work in my middlescence, building upon “an invisible foundation of experience” (to borrow from the poet David Whyte). A large part of this experience has come through cultivating slowly over the last thirty or so years a discipline in the contemplative practice of Dzogchen, a teaching that is integral to both Buddhism and the Tibetan Bon tradition.

Buddhanature, here
Thoughts, and space between them, both
Instant presence - Ah

My other interests include practising Qi Gong ; sacred dance and ecstatic dance; and simply being in nature – I am fortunate enough to live on the south facing slopes of Dartmoor, just below Buckland Beacon, but I'm also close enough to the South Devon coast and its stunning walks - in these places I can nourish and resource myself deeply.

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