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Craniosacral Therapy in London, South East London and Devon by Lol Kane
Craniosacral Therapy for babies and during pregnancy

Craniosacral work has a great deal to offer during pregnancy. Your physical body literally has more to carry, placing considerable strain on the lower back and often causing compression at the base of the spine. With this can come back pain and sometimes sciatica.

I work initially by helping you deepen into stillness, and within this, your underlying health and resources. Your capacity for self-healing, what we call your 'potency', is brought into play. Utilising this, your intelligent system works at relieving the compression and resolving strain patterns within the pelvic diaphragm. The tissues and fluids in the area will now express much better motility, allowing the pelvis itself to become more supple and open. This is without question an exemplary way to physically prepare oneself for birth.

Yet Craniosacral Therapy doesn’t just work on the physical level. Receiving this work, the more we deepen into stillness the more we get in touch with our deepest resource, our ground of being. You and your baby both share in this experience, giving you both a greater capacity simply to be with what is. What better way to prepare for the journey ahead?

Baby beautiful

Babies have tremendous natural vital energy. They are so close in time to the forces of creation in play during embryological development that their potency is especially strong and dynamic. We are all aware, however, of the ordeal both babies and parents can go through in the first few weeks. Colic is common, but so too can be the case where a newly born baby is startled easily, crying continually and having difficulty settling. As parents we can be at our wits end, not really knowing what our little one is going through. It is useful to have some insight into what often lies behind the difficulties one’s newborn is experiencing.

Even in natural and apparently problem-free births a baby is subjected to compressive and other forces during its passage through the birth canal. These forces are fed into the tissues, and to whatever degree they are unresolved they cause restriction and imbalance in the newborn’s system, potentially giving rise to issues such as colic, sucking problems and respiratory difficulties.

Difficult births

There can be times during the birth process when a baby experiences difficulties. To give an example, if he/she becomes stuck for a time in the birth canal, in a difficult place both experientially and physically, their capacity to cope can be overwhelmed. As well as causing distress, this kind of experience carries with it a degree of shock that becomes held in the baby’s system. It is this shock that prevents them from processing and resolving the experience and as a consequence a baby can remain in distress for a considerable time after birth. To add to this, because of the shock they are holding, the various forces they have been subjected to in the birth canal aren’t able to release naturally. They too become held in the baby’s system, causing restrictions and imbalances and the kind of issues referred to earlier.

How Craniosacral Therapy can help

If it has been a difficult birth and one’s baby is still effectively in shock from the experience, then it can be as if he/she hasn’t been able to fully arrive. The trauma can in a very real way prevent them from being in touch with their ground of being. My role as therapist is to deepen into my own ground of being and to listen to / receive baby from that place. Like resonates with like, and baby is able to reconnect with and deepen into its essential self. It is as if both therapist and baby are listening and witnessing together from that place. The trauma of the experience is heard and in this way healed, shock is naturally released, and baby’s underlying potency comes into play to further the healing process.

It is a wonderful thing for therapist and parents alike to witness a baby coming into him/herself and finding relief from discomfort and distress. Now we see our baby alert and present, in touch with both internal and external resources. As he/she grows and develops other issues may well emerge, but we can be confident that craniosacral work can be of real benefit in helping resolve these too.