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Craniosacral Therapy in London, South East London and Devon by Lol Kane
What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a "hands on" therapy that works with the person on all levels, not just the physical. In cranial work we listen via the hands to how well the patient's body-mind intelligence is able to express its health.

Listening for this on all levels allows the patient's intelligent system to show the patterns of restriction that are impeding full expression of health. What is received by the practitioner is automatically reflected back to this intelligent system.

This reflecting back is an integral part of the healing process - the patient is at a deeper level able to see an aspect of who they are and what they are holding in a way that is not normally available to them.

Classical cranial work

In classical cranial work the practitioner facilitates processes whereby the patient's own system works with patterns of restriction. Let's take as an example a trauma held in the tissues as the result of a whiplash injury. The person may feel they have recovered from the accident but the underlying trauma pattern is still there, giving rise to headaches and neck and shoulder problems.

During treatment the patient is helped to access deeper resources within themselves, and their healing potency is brought into play. Shock held in the tissues is helped to be released, then the patient's health is able to process and dissipate the forces holding the pattern. Areas of contraction and tension are able to soften and relax and what may have been put out of alignment due to the accident is enabled to realign naturally.

This is an example of working with a traumatic injury arising from a clear cause, but the practitioner is still working with the underlying health, the whole person. The same principles of working with the underlying health are used in relationship to a diverse range of conditions:

Anxiety                                     Dyslexia                                   Pre- and peri-natal issues
Arthritis                                     Emotional trauma                    i.e. during and after pregnancy
Asthma                                     Exhaustion                               Sciatica
Autism                                      Frozen shoulder                       Shock: physical and emotional
Back pain                                  Headaches                               Sinusitis                                     
Birth trauma                              Hormonal imbalances              Sports injuries
Bronchitis                                  Hyperactivity                            Stress and related illnesses
Cerebral Palsy                          Immune system disorders        TMJ/jaw disorders
Chronic fatigue                          Insomnia                                  Vertigo
Colic                                          Menstrual pain PMS                  Visual disturbances
Depression                                Migraines                                  Whiplash injuries
Digestive disorders                    Post-dental trauma
Drug withdrawal                        Post-operative issues

Is CST suitable for me?

Craniosacral Therapy is suitable for all ages, from newly-born babies to the old and infirm.

It is suitable for those simply looking in the short term for an improvement in their condition, as well as for those who are willing to work over a longer period of time with deeply held patterns and their related symptom pictures.

It is commonly used, safely and successfully, to treat a diverse range of both acute and chronic conditions.

What might I expect in a session?

First a case-history may be taken, which would include taking details one might have relating to ones birth and early history, and details of illnesses, operations, accidents and so on.

Treatment usually takes place on a treatment table, with the patient fully clothed. Patients commonly report experiencing deep relaxation and inner stillness during treatment.

Typical places of contact for me to listen and work from are the head, the sacrum (at the base of the spine) and the feet, but it could be anywhere on the body, depending on what is being worked with.

It is important to appreciate that cranial work is very subtle and it can appear that nothing much is going on. Where a person's system is very congested or depleted, deep preparatory work may need to be done for the first session or so, and the true benefit of this may not be immediately apparent to the patient.

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Craniosacral Process Work

As well as classical cranial work, I offer the opportunity to work at what is essentially a transpersonal level. In this way of working the emphasis is less on what I as practitioner am able to recognise and diagnose and more on my intention to receive the totality of the person, without judgement.

When I work in this way I listen and receive from the depths of my being. What I “do” is guided by a deeper intelligence or wisdom, there in both myself and the client. It is the nature of the relationship between these two underlying intelligences that allows work to occur at a transpersonal level.

What is received at this level, from within this dimension we might say, is reflected back to the person at the same level within themselves - in a very real sense we as client have the possibility of seeing who we truly are.

Within this perspective we can enter into a different relationship with our undigested life experience, the patterns of conditioning and restriction that we hold - we can begin to relate to them more deeply as something we are carrying rather than constituting who we are.

Being received and heard at a deep level allows for what is held to be processed at an equally deep level. Profound healing can occur that permeates through us from the core outwards.

In this way of working it is not uncommon for us as client to have a sense that what we are working with includes material that has been carried from generation to generation, as well as issues from very early on in life, pre-natal and post-natal.

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